About us

When I began my yoga journey I had no idea the impact it would have on my life!  For me it had furthered the peace and healing I needed after life circumstances had crushed my spirit.  With God’s grace, support of good people, and paralleling my life with my yoga practice, I was able to get back to myself.  Even greater, yoga helped me to open my heart again and I was finally able to live in constant gratitude.

Located in south Florida, I was looking for a yoga mat carrier that reflected the beauty of the area along with my practice and personality beyond the traditional carriers.  I felt a reflection of me was missing in the simple design.  I suddenly had a mission to design and carry something that made me smile!  

Wherever you are in your practice, may it help renew your spirit so you can breathe and just be you.  I hope you love yoga and your new yoga mat strap as much as I do!